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Biohazard Cleanup For Lauderdale

Evergreen Clean Up provides professional cleanup services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to commercial and residential property owners who are in need of emergency biohazard cleanup.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Whether you own an industrial plant or a real estate investor who have an old broken hoarding house you need cleared and cleaned out we can help you with the job.

Biohazard cleanup fort lauderdale: hazardous waste disposal

At Evergreen Clean Up, we provide professional cleanup and property restoration services in the Fort Lauderdale area. With many years of experience, our company has faced every type of cleanup and restoration job – big, small, and everything in between – you can imagine. This experience, combined with our team of experts, means we are able to handle all challenges, no matter how unique or complex.

As a specialist with Fort Lauderdale biohazard cleanup services and property restoration, we know what it takes to deliver first-class customer service and quality. If you want to get your property back to its best shape with an efficiency that doesn’t cut corners, Evergreen Clean Up is here to help.

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Flammable Material Removal

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Toxic Materials Cleanup

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Acidic Chemicals Cleanup

Acidic Material Removal

Biohazard cleanup services are done with care and professionalism

We understand there can be no predicting when an accident or tragedy will occur. Yet when you are faced with this type of scenario, reality can hit in more ways than one. It’s emotionally draining. It’s mentally distressing. It can also be difficult to think clearly and know how to move forward.

With Evergreen Clean Up, we offer support in the form of specialized biohazard cleanup services.

Our certified technicians possess the skills and knowledge – along with the necessary care and compassion – to handle biohazards effectively. As well as keeping you, your loved ones, and employees and coworkers safe (in the case of a workplace cleanup), we do all biohazard cleanup jobs with speed and quality.

Specialist water damage restoration services

You never know when water damage can strike and impact your property. Fort Lauderdale is known to be subject to hurricanes and a rainy season. Yet it’s not just natural disasters that can result in water damage. A burst pipe could happen at any time and negatively affect the condition of your property.

The longer water damage is allowed to fester, the more it will cause your property to deteriorate. This means correcting the problem as soon as possible is imperative. That’s where our Fort Lauderdale property restoration service can help.

There is no delay in us getting to your property in the area, and we are always on call for all hours of the day. 

As part of our water damage restoration services, we put together a plan of action – formed with your input – to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. This includes working directly with your insurance company and ensuring their financial coverage comes into play. 


We are equipped for any job.


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Benefit of Hiring Us

It is possible to try and tackle these cleaning jobs on your own. However, it is highly recommended you opt for a local, reputable service provider to complete the work for you. Here are the main benefits of working with a professional Fort Lauderdale cleanup company.

The benefits of working with a professional Fort Lauderdale service provider
  • Job done effectively: Issues like correcting water damage and mold are not easy. They also require the right knowledge and equipment. With a professional cleanup company, you can be assured the work will be completed successfully and to a higher overall standard.
  • Save time and effort: Even a relatively small cleaning job can take you a lot of time and effort. By using a cleanup service provider, you instantly benefit from the convenience of saving yourself from the huge task of completing the workload. Plus, professionals can get the job done quickly and properly.
  • Nothing is missed or overlooked: When cleaning on your own, it is easy to miss or overlook certain tasks. A professional cleaning company avoids this type of scenario. We use a structured checklist, going through each point to ensure nothing is forgotten while the work is done.
  • Items are disposed of properly: To stop any further clutter gathering in your home, a professional cleanup company will collect and dispose of all necessary items correctly.

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Biohazard Cleanup Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Warehouse Chemicals Cleanup

Hazardous chemicals removal

Fort Lauderdale Warehouse Chemicals Cleanup

Fort Lauderdale Toxic Waste Cleanup

Dangerous toxic waste cleaning

Fort Lauderdale Toxic Waste Cleanup

Fort Lauderdale Industrial Container Removals

We service industrial companies

Fort Lauderdale Industrial Container Removals

Fort Lauderdale Hazmat Cleanup Services

Our hazmat crew will take care it!

Fort Lauderdale Hazmat Cleanup Services

Additional Cleanup and Removal Services We Offer

Removing mold from your property & more

You must never leave mold to grow in your house or business. If this growth continues, it can present a serious health hazard to those residing or working within your property. To prevent that from occurring, you can utilize our Fort Lauderdale mold remediation services.

Our cleaning experts continue to refine their techniques and use the latest technology to deal with cases of mold. Their work is not only done with speed and efficiency, but they also guarantee all mold is eradicated completely. The result: your property is safe from mold, ensuring you and your loved ones – or employees and customers – don’t suffer from any mold-related health issues.

Expert Fort Lauderdale hoarder cleanup services

For people with hoarding tendencies, it doesn’t take long for their lives to be negatively affected. Their homes can become difficult to get around, relationships can be impacted, and it may have an adverse influence on their mental and physical health.

Are you faced with a hoarding scenario? Don’t worry – Evergreen Clean Up is here to help. We are an expert hoarder cleanup provider in the Fort Lauderdale area, having built up our experience and knowledge for over a decade in the business. We know how to gather unwanted possessions properly, dispose of them the correct way, and do all of this with speed and efficiency.

If you want to get your or a loved one’s home back to its original state, ensuring it’s clean and tidy, we can make it happen with the quality of service you deserve.

Hazardous waste is detrimental to our environment.
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Biohazard cleanup and property restoration services in Fort Lauderdale

Whether it is biohazard cleanup, water damage restoration, hoarder cleanup, or any other relatable service, Evergreen Clean Up is the number one choice in Fort Lauderdale. As further evidence of this, you can get in touch today to receive a free estimate for your cleaning project.

This free estimate isn’t simply a quick number we pluck from anywhere. Our experts do an in-depth assessment of the damage your property has suffered. This information is then used to come up with transparent cost estimates – along with a time frame for the work to be completed – so you know exactly what you’re paying for with our services.

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